Taylor Sands Young Babysitter Sodomized by Boss

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  • Taylor Sands
Taylor Sands Young Babysitter Sodomized by Boss  
  • Nicki Blue tells Daily Mail Online that she was a 21-year-old web-cam model - and a virgin - when she first met porn star James Deen
  • She was living at Kink Castle, a residence for the BDSM movie studio actors, in San Francisco
  • After her debut film - Nicki Blue's Deflowering - wrapped 'Deen started slapping me on the a** and there was some light fetish play'
  • Blue's photos show her with Deen the night of the alleged incident
  • 'It was nice at first, then it got really rough, too rough,' she claims
  • She tells Daily Mail Online: 'As he was doing it – this is the embarrassing part - he said "japanese-porn, I have to go to the bathroom"' Taylor Sands
  • Nicki considered going to the police but didn't think her attack would be taken seriously